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A Summer Day at Antietam   2 comments

A couple of years ago, I was in the Washington DC metro area on business and decided to spend a day at my favorite battlefield, Antietam. I realize that, of the major battlefields, Gettysburg is probably the most popular. However, I love Antietam for some of the things it does not share with Gettysburg. Gettysburg is often crowded and it is surrounded by commercial, tourist-related development. Antietam, meanwhile, is quiet with no swarms of visitors and not a t-shirt shop or curio store in sight. As a result, one can walk the fields undisturbed, taking in the pastoral beauty, while pondering its deep underlying sense of human tragedy.

During my last visit, I took a great many photos and later put them in a video that added music which seemed to capture what I feel whenever I am there, and I’d like to share that with my readers.

Antietam Remembered

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