A Summer Day at Antietam   2 comments

A couple of years ago, I was in the Washington DC metro area on business and decided to spend a day at my favorite battlefield, Antietam. I realize that, of the major battlefields, Gettysburg is probably the most popular. However, I love Antietam for some of the things it does not share with Gettysburg. Gettysburg is often crowded and it is surrounded by commercial, tourist-related development. Antietam, meanwhile, is quiet with no swarms of visitors and not a t-shirt shop or curio store in sight. As a result, one can walk the fields undisturbed, taking in the pastoral beauty, while pondering its deep underlying sense of human tragedy.

During my last visit, I took a great many photos and later put them in a video that added music which seemed to capture what I feel whenever I am there, and I’d like to share that with my readers.

Antietam Remembered

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  1. Having spent this past September, the 150 anniversary of the Mayland campaign, it became clear to me that the little recognized battle of South Mountain is the most important battle of the war. Remarkedly, just two weeks after second bull run, Lee was badly beaten for the first time (indeed he would never win on union soil). Without this victory, Antietam never happens.

  2. I was moved by the video.

    I recently learned that my great grandfather, Patrick Breen (my mom’s grandfather), was a career regular army veteran who participated in many of the major engagements of the Civil War, including Antietam, as a soldier in Co C, 2d Infantry Regiment.

    I recall being moved (unusual for me) by a visit to the Gettysburg battlefield many years ago—before I knew about my great grandfather’s involvement in that battle (he was “severely wounded” according to one account.) I have not visited Antietam.

    There is an enormity to some of those Civil War battles that is hard to comprehend.

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